Gig review: Duke Special at Phoenix

The Phoenix hosted Irish musician Duke Special last Wednesday 18th March, as he visited Exeter during his 2015 UK tour. Supported by Paul Cook and The Chronicles, Duke Special made it a memorable… Continue reading

Exploring Art: Tim Sprague

Photo credit: Tim for Boys by Girls Magazine Based in London, Tim Sprague is both an artist and model, whose work often explores the intricacies of our relationship with the human body. You can… Continue reading

Interview: Thomas Truax

Photo credit: Thomas Truax You are associated with the genre of Steampunk, which you’re not enthusiastic about. Where do you think your music lies? Well that’s the catch 22 of having a music… Continue reading

Exploring writing: Julian Isaacs

Based in Plymouth and also attending Exeter University, Julian Isaacs is a 70’s punk balladeer, known fondly as ‘Auntie Pus’ by his fans. As well as being a performing poet with a biting… Continue reading

Thea Porter: 70s Bohemian Chic

With 70’s styles making a comeback on the catwalks this spring, the Fashion and Textile Museum in London is taking the opportunity to revitalize the accomplishments of Thea Porter – the fashion designer credited with engineering the bohemian chic look – in the first ever retrospective of her work.

Exploring Art: Angel Ito

Based in London, Angel Ito is a visual artist, graphic designer, musician and editor of Cock No. 7. He unfolds his life experience and personal evolution in his art, leading to striking, mesmerizing… Continue reading

Album review: Duke Special’s Look Out Machines!

I was introduced to Duke Special along with his eighth album, Look Out Machines!, which is set to be released today. Armed with the image of a quirky deadlocked man, with heavy guy-liner, and the knowledge of a few of his more popular hits – such as Freewheel – I listened to his new album with an open mind.

That Seventies Fashion Show

So seventies revival wasn’t exactly a massive hit when it premiered in AW14. The winter florals and flares didn’t take off. Instead we took on the turtle neck and pulled over our think… Continue reading

Exploring writing: Kris Kidd

Kris Kidd is a writer and model living in America, chronicling the fast-paced life of our generation with his self-depreciating, satirical style. His collection of essays, ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’, was published by The Altar Collective in 2013 – and the rest is history.