Review: Bristol Dramsoc’s “A Sleepless Night”

Bristol Dramsoc arrived in Exeter on Saturday night to showcase their latest production, focused on a school girl’s experience of the night before, a feeling that we can all resonate with in some way.

Amber Run at Exeter Phoenix, 13/01/2017

I love live music. The energy and anticipation when waiting to see the song that you were listening to in your bedroom actually performed live contribute to your sense of excitement. You share this experience with those around you, all connected by your appreciation of the music. Amber Run’s gig at the Phoenix lived up…

Review: Zips, A&E Productions

Anna Bonet reviews Zips, Simon Marshall’s latest play set in the sleepy town of Teignmouth. A tale of restlessness, coming of age, and finding your place in the world dispersed with charming metaphors.

Preview: Footlight’s ‘The Producers’

Razz got invited to the press preview for Exeter University Footlight’s latest musical theatre piece: The Producers. Showing at the Northcott Theatre 25th-28th Jan. Buy your tickets quickly, the Saturday performance has already sold out!

Theatre with Teeth: Love Among the Penguins review

Leigh Spence reviews ‘Love Among Penguins’, a farcical comedy set in Anartica written by Alex Thomas. The idea came to him in a dream, and since then has evolved to become a tale about misunderstanding and love.

Review: Godspell – 4.5/5 stars

I challenge you to find a greater irony than that of watching a biblical show, telling tales of love and repentance, inside of The Lemmy. I must admit straight off that I had my reservations about this musical. I questioned the extent to which I could be immersed into a story that was a) performed…

Review: May-We-Go-Round?

The Hiccup Project, a new theatre and dance company founded by real-life best friends Cristina MacKerron and Chess Dillon-Reams, brought their debut piece May-we-go-round? to the Exeter Phoenix last Tuesday. Cristina and Chess first met at school and growing up together they have experienced everything from first loves to heartbreaks. After finding an old diary…

Sealed – Theatre with Teeth Review

Theatre with Teeth’s latest production Sealed is a tale with all the intrigue of a classic whodunit and all the laughs of a decent pre-drinks…albeit a pre’s with seven strangers and a rather impressive age range. The seven receive letters summoning them to a certain place at a certain time. Upon arrival they’re left to…

Monster Review – Exeter University Theatre Company

EUTCO’s first offering of the academic year is Duncan Macmillan’s Monster, directed by dynamic duo Alice Austin and Nicole Moran. Set in the early 2000s, Monster follows a teacher in training left with the task of saving a disturbed and violent child from permanent expulsion, whilst also struggling with his own mental health and relationship…

The (rather eccentric) Lock In Christmas Carol at Exeter Phoenix

After a shoddy 2016, my Christmas cheer levels were running alarmingly low this week. So, as Storm Angus battered Exeter on Monday evening, I took to the Exeter Phoenix to catch the BBC award winning Christmas extravaganza aptly named ‘The Lock In Christmas Carol’. And I can tell you, it was a one of a…

Review: Pinocchio at Exeter Northcott

On the 19th October I went to see the classic tale of Pinocchio adapted for the stage by the Jasmin Vardimon Company. Their performance at Exeter Northcott was the sixth stop on their tour of the country, finishing in Ipswich on 18 December. See for tour dates and to access photos of the performance….

Preview: Felicity Ward at The Bikeshed Theatre – 02/10/16

Multi-award winning Australian comedian Felicity Ward brings her stand-up show 50% More Likely to Die to Exeter’s Bikeshed on Sunday 2nd October, after a hugely successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer. Ward won the third best reviewed comedy show out of the entire Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2015, and has starred on…