Review: ExeFest 2017

Last year, Tristan Gatward’s campaign for the position of VP Activities created a substantial buzz when he promised to organise Exeter’s first campus music festival. After much preparation, the University of Exeter’s inaugural music evening, suitably named ExeFest, certainly did not disappoint. ExeFest had a lot to compete with, taking place a week after Hijacked…

Feature: Boston Tea Party

Boston Tea Party is Exeter students favourite brunch spot, however it offers so much more than rich coffee roasts and incredible scrambled eggs and avocado. We spoke to the manager of Boston Tea Party in Exeter to find out all about what goes on behind the scenes. Written by Lucy Lincoln and Chrissi Lewes.

Home Bake Box: Lemon Polenta Cake

A straight forward recipe for a lemon polenta cake from Home Bake Box, made and reviewed by Razz Magazine, the university of Exeter’s arts & lifestyle magazine.

Review: BierKeller

Razz got the chance to review the latest addition to Exeter’s nightlife, a Bavarian themed beer hall down on the quay. With cheap steins, an abundance of traditional bratwurst and salted pretzels, what more could you want?

Home Bake Box: Rose and Raspberry Gateau

This month’s home bake box had a decidedly valentine’s theme (a cute pastel pink cake sprinkled with raspberries and infused with rosewater notes). Deemed a ‘posh Victoria sandwich’ it’s definitely worth adding to your list of recipes, creating a fruity and rich sponge cake.

Review: The Monkey Suit

Monkey Suit is already a gem in the heart of Exeter students, but several years after opening some of the Razz committee returned for an updated review and found a huge range of offers up for grabs!

Bake Box: Skillet Cookies, Recipe and Review

In case you didn’t already know, December 4th is National Cookie Day. What better day to launch a new series of blog posts about baking, than today? It all started when my housemates bought me a subscription to the Home Bake Box for my 21st birthday a few weeks ago. I thought it would be…

Christmas Countdown: Hot Fruit Punch Recipe

This hand-warming fruit punch goes beautifully alongside a wintery mince pie (or two!) or a delicious Christmas roast, and provides a perfect non-alcoholic alternative to mulled wine. Passed down through a family friend, the recipe for this tried, tested, and tasty fruit punch is SO simple, yet so effective – why not give it a…

The Glorious Art House- 2 Year Anniversary

Established two years ago, The Glorious Art House continues to impress as a quirky and vibrant cafe, tucked away at the bottom of Fore Street. Adding a bold splash of colour to the road with its carnivalesque outside design, it immediately draws passersby in with its originality. As you walk through the doors, the amount…