Review: Blossoms at The Lemon Grove 21/03/17

I’ll admit I was surprised to hear that Blossoms, a band I (among many others, critics and fans alike) consider be one of the most talented upcoming bands of the moment, were set to play at the Lemon Grove. A band for whom I had travelled to see multiple times before was playing right on…

Review: Bear’s Den

Bear’s Den came to the Lemon Grove a few nights ago, bringing a faultless 17-song set. During one song they even performed down in the crowd away from their mic’s .

Review: BierKeller

Razz got the chance to review the latest addition to Exeter’s nightlife, a Bavarian themed beer hall down on the quay. With cheap steins, an abundance of traditional bratwurst and salted pretzels, what more could you want?

Notes on Netflix: Operator

Operator delves into the continuing millennial concern; whether technology can surpass human interaction. This complex issue is explored through the relationship of main characters Joe and Emily, which adds a nice plot layer to the film.

Preview: Bear’s Den at the Lemon Grove (22/3/17)

British folk rock band, Bear’s Den, have unveiled a video for their new single, ‘Greenwoods Bethlehem’, which will be released on 7th April. The track is the latest to be taken from their top ten charting second album, ‘Red Earth & Pouring Rain’. The video for ‘Greenwoods Bethlehem’ captures some of the band’s non-stop touring…

Artists to Watch this Summer

We look at four of the most promising artists (whether solo or group) for this summer. Keep you eyes on these guys over the next few months!

Notes on Netflix: Good Kids

From the same producers as American Pie, Good Kids is lighthearted and funny, the perfect film for dreaming ahead to your summer after graduation.

Review: Bristol Dramsoc’s “A Sleepless Night”

Bristol Dramsoc arrived in Exeter on Saturday night to showcase their latest production, focused on a school girl’s experience of the night before, a feeling that we can all resonate with in some way.

Home Bake Box: Rose and Raspberry Gateau

This month’s home bake box had a decidedly valentine’s theme (a cute pastel pink cake sprinkled with raspberries and infused with rosewater notes). Deemed a ‘posh Victoria sandwich’ it’s definitely worth adding to your list of recipes, creating a fruity and rich sponge cake.

Review: The Monkey Suit

Monkey Suit is already a gem in the heart of Exeter students, but several years after opening some of the Razz committee returned for an updated review and found a huge range of offers up for grabs!