Gig Review: Frank Turner at Cavern

frank turner.jpg
Credit: frank-turner

Since discovering Photosynthesis when I was 14, I have been desperately waiting for the opportunity to see Frank Turner live; after seeing him this Wednesday at Exeter’s very own Cavern, I am 100% sure that it was worth the wait.

The show was part of Cavern’s 25th anniversary celebrations, and there are many other amazing acts still to come, but no matter what comes next, Frank Turner, in my opinion, will most definitely be the highlight. He told us that he first performed at Cavern 14 years ago on a night where his band didn’t go on until 1am.However he’s been back many times since then and it shows: he really knows how to work the venue. The atmosphere was absolutely incredible, with an audience with an age range from 18 to 60 gathering to listen to this folk-rock legend. I’ve always loved Exeter’s Cavern as a venue but this was the first night I saw it really come alive.

The best thing about an intimate venue like Cavern is that it gives the performer space to interact with the audience, and Frank Turner’s personality and sense of humour made this show really special. His sharing of old stories, his shutting down of a couple with the audacity to talk over him and his genuine gratitude towards his band mate (he was called Doug by the way) all proved that the personality that comes across in his music is just as strong and unique in real life (see below).

frank turner 2.jpg extra
Frank Turner live at Exeter Cavern

Of course, what really made this night amazing was Frank Turner’s music. He performed songs from throughout his career, showing off his incredible range and progress, and even finished with one song from each of his albums consecutively. His voice and his musical skills are truly fantastic. The minimalistic nature of his set fitted perfectly with the personality that came across throughout the show. He is truly one of the most talented live performers I have ever seen and I truly hope there will be an opportunity to see him again; if his loyalty to Cavern is any indicator, I’m sure there will be.


Make sure you don’t miss the rest of Cavern’s anniversary celebrations and don’t forget to listen to the wonderful man that is Frank Turner, if you haven’t already; definitely go and see him live if you ever can.

Rowan Keith


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