Making a Statement: Scarves, Bow Ties and Necklaces

I’m going to level with you – I’ve never been very good at accessorising. I’m just more interested in swatches than watches. That was until I discovered how much fun statement neck-pieces are. Anything on your collar is in the prime position to be an ensemble focal point and just gives your outfit that edge. This can totally vary as well, as there are a million and one ways to wear that neck candy. Whether you push the boat out for your 9ams (a rare breed it has to be said but I applaud you) or are a roll out of bed and up forum hill kind of person, everyone can benefit from an accessory or two.


Obviously I have to talk about scarves. As soon as it gets to autumn I need scarves, snoods – be them knitted, faux fur with pom poms or tassels – I have an ever-growing collection and it’s just not going to stop. They are a super casual way to accessorise. Meaning, you can wear them everywhere. I love really heavy knits, especially when contrasting them against leather jackets or textured boyfriend coats. When they’re over-sized they become so versatile and are so snug as well, perfect as the nights get longer. I have a fab tartan one from Primark, much like that one from Zara which dominated campus last year, you know which I mean. I can play around with it and even get away with wearing it as a cape. With so many patterns on the high street this year, you’re spoilt for choice. This year we see variations of the aforementioned classic tartan right up to winter florals. They literally go with everything; a definite winter must have.


Photo credit: Pinterest


My favourite neck statement of the moment proves a very preppy look. I recently purchased my first bow tie. It’s just a simple black, silk affair that clips easily under my shirt collars. I immediately feel like I should be sitting outside the MET in New York with Blair Waldorf. It’s classy and cute, and honestly transforms a whole outfit. I wear a lot of shirts and blouses, and I think ties and collars are great to slip on to prevent Monday’s outfit looking like Friday’s. No one likes an outfit repeater. They really finish an outfit, making me feel completely put together. It’s time to forget the stigma that bow ties are for men. ASOS in particular are a great host of women’s bow ties. They boast a whole range;from silk to chiffon to velvet. Their varied pastels and prints mean that there’s something for everyone and one for every occasion. Equally, Etsy is a great place to search for women’s bow ties as everything is either vintage or handmade, resulting in you having something quite unique, unlike many high street products.


Photo credit: Pinterest

An alternative to the bow tie is embellished collars that the likes of River Island do. Bold jewel embellishment or faux fur can be a great way to jazz up an outfit day or night. Especially if, like me, the majority of your wardrobe is somewhat dominated by monochrome (but everything matches!). The beauty of these accessorises is that they look best when the rest of your outfit is kept simple and maybe complimented with a bold lip.


That takes me nicely on to outfit polishing idea number three – statement necklaces. I feel like I don’t see enough people in jewellery on a day-to-day basis and I don’t know why. We shouldn’t save statement pieces for socials. Wear them on campus, in town, when you’re doing your washing, who cares? Is it just me who in the right outfit feels ready to take on the world? Granted, it might just be an essay and a Bolognese I’m taking on that day. You can bet, however, that with a few costume pearls around my neck it’s the best Bolognese I’ve ever made. The principle stands: jewellery is an instant pick me up. Or in my case absolutely anything that sparkles. I love intricate jewels or floral beading patterns hung on a thick cord which you can always find in Miss Selfridge. You can don them over a comfy knit and in two seconds you’ve made your effortless outfit look chic.

I think accessorising can just give your outfit that extra flare it needs for you to totally carry it in confidence. It doesn’t have to be too over the top either. Opt for knitted accessorises when you’re feeling laidback, and on those days you need a little more sass don’t be afraid to reach for the jewels.

Harriet Cotmore


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