Artigano: A New Place to Wine & Dine


One of the latest additions to Exeter high street is a very flashy looking new bar called Artigano, just a few units down from Boots. During the first few weeks of this term I often walked past and was intrigued but it wasn’t until very recently that I gave it a whirl.

My first impressions were that it looked like the sort of place you’d find in up-market London, not little old Devon, and when I did some more research I realised I was right! Artigiano is a relatively new chain of bars, with only two in London at the minute, who chose Exeter as their next location (lucky us!).

The place itself is very modern. It’s got a warehouse vibe about it; industrial light fittings, high ceilings, minimalist seating and lots of greys and metals. Not only is it an espresso bar during the day but a wine bar by evening and so it really does stand out in the current market. I shared a Charcuterie platter and had a glass of Rosé; I was amazed at the generous portion size and value for money. Everything was perfectly presented and tasted deliciously fresh.

I particularly enjoyed the chilled atmosphere, helped by an ‘order at the bar’ system, spacious layout and some fantastic background music. Artigiano is certainly on trend and knows how to appeal to the student population of Exeter. I was also very impressed by their loyalty card scheme which, unlike most coffee shops around, requires you only to purchase five glasses of wine/coffees/beers before you get one free. The same applies to their sandwich, pastry and salad selection.

I was totally won over and can’t wait to return! It exudes everything classy, highbrow and expensive… without saddling you with a hefty price tag.  Sustaining Exeter’s reputation as the go-to place for the best food and drink in the area, Artigiano is perfect for after work/Uni socialising. Whether you try Artigiano on a date or show it off to friends and family, it definitely won’t disappoint. My predictions are that as word catches on this place will become a firm favourite in town.

by Sinead Buckingham, Razz Exeter Correspondent


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