The Devon County Show Behind the Scenes!

Razz enjoyed an amazing, sunny day out at the Devon County Show this week to shoot an off the cuff spread for the next issue, ’90s and Now’! Here are some behind the scene shots as editor Becky and writer Daryl struggled to find the balance between healthy journalistic enthusiasm and childlike excitement at all the animals and free food…

We were very tempted by the idea of adopting a razz donkey…
This guy was extremely happy to be photographed!
…or maybe an alpaca. This guy in particular was extremely happy to be photographed!
Not sure this picture shows quite how huge these cows were!
There were pigs…
…so editor Becky was very happy
There were also some amazing ‘Best of British’ dioramas
And we even ran into a very british royal…
…the Duchess of Cornwall!
There were some beautiful horses
We sampled some amazing homemade food…
…and came home with some delicious fudge
We said hello to the Pennywell team
And then hopped our way home after a very tiring but wonderful day

All in all, we had a truly wonderful day out and will hopefully make our way back to the Devon County Show next year.ย Look out for our photo shoot coming soon in Issue 15!

Razz love, Becky xx

Photography credits: Rebecca Lodder and Daryl Hurst (and a massive thank you to Charlie Tyjas for the use of her camera!)


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