Thought Becomes Action

In Exeter’s leading contemporary art gallery, Spacex, British artist Katy Dove presents a selection of new and recent animated films alongside print based works in her exhibition ‘Thought Becomes Action
’, 9 March–4 May. Dove’s use of mesmerising kaleidoscopic compositions can be interpreted as a kind of aesthetic essentialism, or the distillation of the everyday into fundamental shapes, sounds and colours. A combination of the handmade and the digital, her work presents a contemporary echo of the early 20th-century abstract films of Viking Eggeling, Oskar Fischinger and Len Lye. The main feature of the exhibition is a new film work entitled Meaning in Action (2013). The film explores ideas relating to inner and outer mental space. Through capturing different actions – repetitive mark making on fabric, the geometry that stems from movement of the hand and the process of ink drying slowly on wet silk; movement, shape, and texture are formed.

‘In tasting shapes, hearing colours or smelling sounds, perceptual logic is riven with ambiguity. Yet, as the gliding ballet and sonic geometry of Katy Dove’s animations show, these confusions can sometimes render oblique relations curiously transparent.’ (Dan Fox)

For more information:

Lots of Razz love, Zoe xx


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