A big thank you to the amazing Hannah Peck

As you all know, we have just unveiled our new RAZZ t-shirt design. This is the first time RAZZ has worked with stash/clothing designers, and our team is delighted to announce we are finally ready to print!


If you want to order a unisex t-shirt please get in touch at razzmag@gmail.com

Here’s a size guide:
S 34/36 inches
M 38/40
L 42/44
XL 46/48
XXL 50/52

It hasn’t been the easiest of tasks. Poor Hannah has been sent back forth to her sketchpad trying to please the RAZZ committee and our design advisors NGNG Design. Because of this, we thought Hannah deserved a blog post dedicated to her RAZZ design, re-designs and re-re-designs! We would like to take this opportunity to thank Hannah for her patience and creativity. We would also like to thank Nathan and Hayley at NGNG for their words of wisdom.





Hannah is a fantastic artist, and if you want to see more of her work, check out her Facebook page here for more of her illustrations.

Lots of Razz love xxx


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