With the Summer term fast approaching, you would be foolish to dismiss the swathes of grey clouds above Exeter as indicative of the next few months. Easter should never be left isolated within the realms of revision, deadlines and dwindling finances, when such wondrous promise is only around the corner… post the odd dissertation. Indeed, nothing encapsulates the joie de vivre of June, July & August more than updating your wardrobe in preparation for the Summer months. The Spring/Summer collections are the perfect impetus to work; do you really want to have to cancel that fortnight in Juan-les-Pins mid-August because you have been beckoned, straw hat in hand, to the Great Hall for resits? I didn’t think so. Take my advice and put your mind to some actual work and get high on style, as opposed to Sharpie fumes; there are only so many hours of the day reserved to highlighting revision notes after all.

The idea that a limited number of garments can clothe you for up to a week, to a variety of locales and from purposes ranging from the beach to business is clearly an attractive proposition. There is a fine line to tread between functionality and style but like any accomplished student, I’ve done my homework and my further reading has yielded the fool-proof formula to a capsule wardrobe: An FPF if you will. The notion of capsule wardrobes remains relatively recent but it still outdates the recession, it is therefore key to the ‘less is more’ approach that quality should outstrip quantity. Aim for classic tailoring in a sombre palette before off-setting it with acid colours, dandy accoutrements and Summer staples to give your wardrobe a distinctly ‘2013’ flavour; 2012 is literally so last year.

For the beach, embrace your sartorial comic and team this shark print t-shirt from Topman with these Paul Smith shark tooth swimming trunks. So long as you don’t change your ringtone to the Jaws theme, you should only raise eyebrows for the right reasons. If a diehard Jaws fan does attempt to befriend you however, these authentic espadrilles from Castañer won’t tarnish with sand and are still practical enough to outrun him. For business, 2013 is the year where the short suit really takes off and is in my opinion perfectly acceptable office wear… unless you hold one of the Great Offices of State, no one wants to see George Osborne at the beach. For lunchtime meetings, these classic nautical loafers and this boxy, three-button blazer will give you your desired, fashion edge whilst the nautical loafers and staple, slim-fit shirt from Paul Smith will ensure that no one will be able to deny your business credentials. I could rant and rave about how well Paul Smith shirts are tailored but I own that very shirt, which should tell you everything you need to know!

I hope you find this procrastination worthwhile, good luck with your revision.

Razz love, Toby x


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