Distortion and Control Sneak Preview…

It was a cold, wet, grey day when we all turned up for Issue 14’s photo shoot… but luckily we had chosen the beautiful interior of Reed Hall as the backdrop for our high class, quirky spread. We had more models than normal, so hair and makeup was a frantic affair, but thanks to our great editorial team, some fab helpers and an amazing professional photographer, we got some stunning pics!

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the Distortion and Control shoot…

All our lovely models posing for a group shot.
Creative Writing Editor Charlotte accessorising following her success as Amadeus’ costume designer.
Razz’s Fashion Correspondent Toby and model Ioana looking fierce.
Thanks to the Real McCoy’s and some of our helpers for bringing some fab outfits and props.
Cheeky shot of our photographer Charles
Cheeky shot of our photographer Charles.
Models looking on as Melissa has an individual shot
Models looking on as Melissa has an individual shot.

We would like to thank everyone who was involved including models, makeup artists, committee, Reed Hall, The Real McCoy’s and especially our superb photographer Charles III. Check out more of his work on his website here or facebook page here!

Issue 14 will be launched at 44 Below on Friday 15th March! 

Click attending on our FB event here to make sure you can pick up a copy for just £1!

Lots of Razz love,

Becky xxx

[Photos by Katy McIntosh]


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    Make-up and styling for Razz My Berries Magazine – Issue 14: Distortion and Control. Fashion is my drug.

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