Monsieur Déficit

At the height of her reign, Marie Antoinette’s subjects gave the doomed queen a particularly sardonic title: Madame Déficit, a moniker that would eventually haunt her to the guillotine with its cutting reference to her hedonistic spending and debauched lifestyle. Her namesake is especially significant this week following the release of the musical saga, Les Miserables, which documents the plight of those very subjects during the French Revolution. However, one would be mistaken to mutiny against the status quo today, when the second London Collections: Men fashion week has only just drawn to a close. London Collections: Men has comprehensively forecasted the fashion landscape for menswear next Winter with a level of decadence that would not be considered out of place at Versailles. So put your tricolore down, quell your desire for anarchy and pocket that liberal agenda, because it’s time to succumb to the dark side.

January is, after all, the month of resolutions, reinvention and – somewhat inevitably – replenishing one’s wardrobe. So, with the spirit of Madame Déficit at my side and the ‘London Collections’ as inspiration, I have carefully edited the menswear trends from Autumn/Winter 13 under the guise of ‘Monsieur Déficit,’ so you can feel comfortable and confident in the knowledge that you are firmly at the cutting edge of style… albeit on the wrong side of the executioner’s blade. You would be mistaken, however, to admonish such frippery whilst we are still in the depths of Autumn/Winter 2012; if not in the depths of snow. A great coat or a staple piece of knitwear should be considered as investment ‘trans-seasonal’ pieces, particularly when our student loans are still relatively fresh; even the parentals don’t want you shivering in the Alumni Auditorium, or more likely, your student abode, when the mercury dips to below freezing.

madame deficit

If you are relatively new to menswear, the abbreviation ‘DB’ might not mean anything to you, but any man about town worth his salt will instantly recognise ‘DB’ as ‘double breasted’ and it is with this fastening that you should ‘secure’ your Winter look around. A wool-blend jacket is essential if you want to battle the elements in style and this Peoples Market Prombie coat is an excellent example. Team it with these Topman skinny jeans to deconstruct its formality with a dash of tartan, as per Rick Edwards in Oliver Sweeney… although aim for an outfit that is slightly more grunge-inspired, because you’re cooler than T4, right?

If the notion of an impending ‘fiscal cliff’ is more reminiscent of those amazing two weeks you spent heli-skiing in St. Moritz over Christmas, then this Mulberry satchel is just the thing for you… and if you’re feeling generous, I wouldn’t mind one either!

On a less indulgent note, if you are reluctant to forego such a sizeable chunk of loan, updating your daily accoutrements will instantly upgrade anything from (read this in a hushed tone) last season. Stand out in lectures with these Pijama ‘Dandy Classic’ cases that ensconce your iPad , iPhone 4/5 or MacBook into the reassuring lap of tech luxury. Further foregoing Madame Déficit for liberté, egalité & fraternité instead; the final piece in my shortlist is a real steal. The quality detailing and burnished leather on these ASOS boots belie their price; the wraparound lacing and contrasting sole are usually seen on boots three times the RRP! Add a slouchy pair of hiking socks to stuff your trouser leg into though and give yourself a dishevelled edge. Remember, if you look too bourgeois, your head is going to be taking a permanent trip away from your shoulders!

Let me know how your reign of tyranny/spending goes. Vive la revolution!

Razz love, Toby x.


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