Distortion and Control

For those of you who don’t yet know, the theme for the next issue of Razz is ‘Distortion and Control‘.

Deadline for submissions is midnight Sunday 10th February. So get going!


As always we are looking for the usual submissions:

Feature Articles, Creative Writing, Poetry, Photography, Illustration, Profiles, Reviews, Interviews, Comments, and Models/Actors for Photoshoot.

Now we want to go a little darker and political with this one but please keep the arts and creativity in mind. To be published you will have to think outside of the box and most of all, be interesting! Odds on if it’s the kind of things your flatmates or friends want to read, then so will our readers. You may interpret the theme however you wish. But here are some commission ideas to get the creative juices flowing:


–Warp, twisted, different, persuade, falsify etc.


–Power, the self, authority, etc.

Taking Control

Have there been any revolutionary breakthrough trends, fashion, music or artists as far as the arts or creativity is concerned? Has anyone made a particular impact on your interest/understanding of these areas and made you want to do what they do? This could be more specific and involve an interesting era; an era that went against the grain i.e. the 60’s, punk etc.

Natural Disaster

Nothing controls Mother Nature, so we would like a longer feature piece on disasters. This can be a personal experience or interest in a particular event, it can come from a political standpoint or focus on a natural disaster such as Haiti.

Perception vs. Reality

We want someone to look at something that appears normal but in reality is a mask/ question of facade/acting. This could be something like perceptions of the body, body image/self image or perhaps in the media. Recently the University has been subject to a lot of media attention. How much control does the media have over how we view certain issues whether they are individual or more widespread such as current conflicts in the Middle East?


Do you believe in fate? Are there other forces at work making our decisions, blurring our realities? This can have religious undertones or be entirely opinion based.


This is an international intellectual and cultural movement that affirms the possibility and desirability of transforming the human condition by developing and  technologies to eliminate aging and to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities. These could overcome fundamental human limitations, but may pose ethical problems. This could also lead into discussions about designer babies.

Extreme Body Modification/Contortion

Some people enjoy distorting their own image to an almost inhuman degree such as the lizard man and the woman who made herself look like a cat. Are there any other unique cases you can find or even more information on these examples? What about people who can naturally contort their own bodies, or even just dancers with amazing flexibility?

Some other ideas…

–Domestic/relationship control (Man/Woman power structure in modern day)

–Sexual desire/Having control over your own body/Contraception

–Individual control/Drugs/Mental health

–Government control/Media control/Copyright/Censorship

–Artists do they distort or control reality?

–Creativity coming from mental health

This list is by no means exhaustive so if you have your own ideas/interpretations of our theme then do it! And email us if you want to discuss an idea. We are particularly looking for creative writing. This can be either a short story or a poem. If you have any ideas, please contact Creative Writing Editor, Charlotte via razzmag@gmail.com.

If you’d like to get involved in any of the commissions please email us ASAP with your ideas of how you would interpret it. We may have to give the article to more than one person if the interest is there to avoid us being left without an article just in case you are unable to write/finish it. We are also hoping to hold this issue’s PHOTO SHOOT with URBAN OUTFITTERS, a very exciting opportunity! If you would like to be a model for the fashion shoot, please send us a photograph of yourself along with a telephone number. We need boys and girls so get involved lads!

You have to be a Razz member to submit, so if you haven’t yet, remember to sign up via the Guild website.

Lots of Razz love. xxx.


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