Vote Fest 2013 is happening February 1st in the Forum and February 5th at the Lemmy. Live music to support the Guild Elections #ExeterVote

What is Vote Fest?
Vote Fest is two nights of live music to raise interest and support in this years guild elections. BOTH EVENTS ARE FREE!

When is it happening?
The first event is happening on the day voting opens: Friday February 1st in the Forum Street with a couple of acoustic acts playing from 7pm onwards. The second event is on Tuesday February 5th in the Lemmy. They’ll be five live student bands playing with a DJ to end the night.

Line up poster 5 Who’s playing?
All band members, singers and DJs are students. We’ll be posting some of their music and some interviews online so you can check out who is going to be playing before you come!

How is this linked to the elections?
As soon as candidates are announced you’ll be able to read interviews with them on our page and learn more about them. At both events you’ll be able to meet and find out any more information from the candidates themselves. We will also provide facilities for you to vote at both events.

Be sure to like the Facebook Page and follow us on twitter to keep up to date with what’s going on.

Candidates can get in touch at ae277 or gt249 to learn more about working with us.

Razz also caught up with the brains behind the operation, Amelia Ebdon and Georgina Treacy to ask them a couple of questions…

What made you want to organise these events in relation to the elections in particular?

Amelia: We came up with the idea down in the Cavern, drinking whisky and listening to a band called “Feed The Rhino”. The live music scene in Exeter is actually pretty decent and the student bands we have here are cracking. Since being at this uni the elections have always seemed a tiny bit lame to me and have mainly involved getting accosted on campus. We wanted to do something different. We wanted to put on events that people would actually want to go to and provide a place where students can vote and, if they want to, talk to candidates properly. Plus we both love the work that Rock The Vote do.

Georgie: I agree, I think people need to start looking at new ways of getting young people engaged in politics. I’m looking at turnout in elections for my dissertation and every time I read that the best way to get people voting is things like ‘compulsory citizenship lessons’ I want to bang my head against a wall. I think this is just our own small step in trying to change how people view things like voting and elections. Plus we both really like music and a good night out.

Why do you think getting everyone more involved and interested in the elections should be more important to students and the university?

Amelia: The turnout here is pretty good, but the least likely year group to vote are Freshers. This seems a bit weird considering that the changes made by SABBs will have the biggest impact on their time in Exeter. I just think it’s really important to grasp any opportunity you have to make your voice heard and if you can do it listening to some decent music and holding a pint then all the better!

Georgie: Interesting question. I’m an unashamed idealist and I think that if there’s something that impacts you and you can have any kind of input into the decision making process you should. University elections are important and the result will end up affecting every student in some way. I also think a lot of people don’t realise what a big deal this is for the candidates and it’s good to show some support!

So get involved everyone!

Razz love, Becky x


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