Fashion Introductions

Razz would like to introduce you to our very own fashion and style correspondent, Toby Craddock…

Exeter life would be nothing without formalities, the infuriating BART system, the obligatory queuing in Mosaic and that run you take once a term to the Guild shop to covet the latest issue of Razz. With that sentiment in mind, it might be a good idea to introduce myself: My name is Toby and I am an alcoholi- Got you. I am, in fact, a second year law student with an almost incessant thirst for fashion. However, you need not worry; by reading this you are not going to float away with the rest of the airheads. Grounding fashion entails a great deal of understanding about identity and perception. Fashion is not as superficial, superfluous or frivolous as one would expect, this Nietzsche quote summarises what great style means to me:

“The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.”

Although, I may not be as brave as old Friedrich, I always try and incorporate a slightly sardonic twist into whatever I may be wearing. If it is teaming a tweed blazer with high tops, playing with proportions or simply swapping in an odd button on a shirt sleeve, being stylish is about having the sense of self to carefully weave your own personality into the seams of quality pieces of clothing. That is not to say I support the clichéd idea that everybody should run wild, citing every pocket on their combat trousers as integral to the establishment of their own identity, that would be ludicrous… and combat trousers are bloody awful.

In order to best illustrate how to keep warm and stay cool on campus, my good friend Tess and found some sartorial brilliance amongst our student body and the three guys below really embody each of their respective looks:

The Classicist

Who: Cressy Travis, a second year classics student

What: Cressy finds inspiration for her polished look from several sources, “I think it’s important to mix simple and alternative pieces. I’m inspired by Kate Moss and Kate Middleton- a tad cliché I know!” Her main aim is to achieve effortless style and we were inclined to agree; she looks brilliant. With her favourite designer being Burberry (answered without hesitation!) Cressy has updated quintessential style staples with a modern twist accordingly. Whether it was intentional or not, her three-buttoned cardigan sleeve hanging out of her satchel, beside its three fastenings, is achingly cool.

Wear: Cressy wears- Jacket: Zara, T-Shirt: See by Chloe, Jeans: Goldsign, Ballet flats: French Sole, Satchel: Mulberry, Bracelet: an Oxford Boutique


The Individual

Who: Claudia Hogan, a second year English student

What: Whilst indulging in our typical Ram lunch feast, we also spotted Claudia who takes much of her inspiration from vintage pieces. In terms of a personal style, she describes herself as having “a London vibe but with a classic twist”. Claudia’s favourite place to shop in Exeter is Urban Outfitters, but she doesn’t hesitate in mixing pieces from a multitude of stores and is always looking for a good bargain; the boots featured being £9 in the sale from Urban Outfitters; “such a great deal considering they’re made from really good leather!”

Wear: Claudia wears – Necklace: Fair Trade from an independent boutique in Kent, Boots: Urban Outfitters, Bag: Pull & Bear


Man About Town

Who: Wentworth Cecil Gurney, a second year Philosophy student.

What: We were unable to miss Wentworth who was spotted walking through the Forum. Wentworth describes his style as ‘preppy punk’ and he informs us that he takes inspiration from street style blogs such as and Scott Schumann’s ‘The Satorialist’. He uses his father’s wallpaper designs, as the basis for colour and pattern inspiration, but he adds “I think it’s great when you’re walking down the street and you can see someone who has created a really cohesive image.” Indeed the notion of seeking inspiration from a variety of places runs through to where Wentworth chooses to shop, “I don’t like being restricted to only one look. I will shop in Jack Wills and Abercrombie for example for a certain piece but I won’t stick to the looks they have selected and I won’t buy anything with a name emblazoned on it.” When asked which one store he would wear for the rest of his life, Wentworth replied, “pretty much my father’s wardrobe to be honest!”

Wear: Wentworth wears – Sweatshirt: vintage, Cords: All Saints, Loafers: Russell and Bromley, Demin Jacket: Parisian flea market


Why not check out Exeter University Fashion Soc? Find their Facebook page here.

Lots of Razz love, Toby. xxx.

P.S. Thank you Tess!


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