Razz’s Poetry Corner

Razz My Berries is proud to showcase some of our members’ poetic talents…

The Stillness

You were always searching for it.
For the stillness that would bring
You back, to where,
I never really knew,
But you were convinced
There was something in it.
Maybe there was.

I guess inside this hectic
Life we all need
Time not controlled
With rushing here and there,
But time to sit on benches,
And stare at trees,
Or watch the hectic
World whizz by.

I hope you found it –
At the end, the still point
You were looking for.

by Sophie Reid

Photo Credit: Jamie Ballantyne
Photo Credit: Jamie Ballantyne

JFK Airport

I should have been late.
I should have rolled
over this morning, and whispered
five more minutes into the pillow.
I should have told the man behind the glass
the wrong name for the airport.
I should have been that idiot, sprinting
through the terminal, shouting
at people they can’t see, bundling
into families, waving
a passport in the air, reaching
the gate: Just In Time.
I should have let my phone ring
on, when I saw your face
on the screen, and understood
first time,
without you needing to spell it out:
“He is definitely going to die.”
I should have lit up their lights,
should have lost all my papers,
should have kept my legs moving,
my arms moving
and stopped my mind,
from clicking on
and on.
He is definitely going to die.

I should stop watching the family opposite,
His careful thumb,
cleaning ice cream
from her chin.

by Hannah Lawrence

Photo Credit: Olivia Coelho-Pimenta
Photo Credit: Olivia Coelho-Pimenta


I could not concentrate for a single page
When March sun lit the panes and drew me out –
My warm imagination followed me
Onto the train and shadowed me down south.

The whizzing sky, the blurring Devon trees –
Their friction thawed the early spring’s white chills
My nurture, Nature, painted worlds with ease
The grass, the woods, the distant, rolling hills…

But hills don’t roll – those shoulders soft and round
Were solid, cradling my unformed mind.
The safety of this green embracing ground
Could not be praised enough by words in kind.

Then into the tunnel slid my tranquil train –
Split second! The light was gone! That black, pitch black!
Where nature had gazed back through the window-pane
It was now my pale reflection staring back.

Why did my backward spectre scare me so?
How did that phantom render me afraid?
What hollow creature would I be if no
Light filled me? Just a fast forsaken shade.

by Daniel Squire

Photo Credit: Hannah Peck
Photo Credit: Hannah Peck

Tectonic Plates and the Wilson Cycle

We’re getting used to it now
This flying back and forth across the surface of the Earth
Like a fleet of trains chugging off along their tracks
Only to converge on one station.
We crash into each other with a force
That shoots mountains up into the sky
And sets oceans sinking
Into the gooey depths of the planet.
We meld together;
Cling close until we are one
With no end and no beginning.
And then the heat erupts at our core,
Tearing us apart
To send us spinning back across the globe
Surging on a wave of molten rock.

And all the while we feel the movements,
Swift as a brush of air,
Of the creatures which dance upon our skin.
Like the tickling of a feather,
They skim over us in the blink of an eye.
Dynasties rise and fall as we take a single breath in
And creatures stalk the Earth,
Unrecognisable from their ancestors we glimpsed
The last time we cast an eye over them.
And all the while we are hurtling towards one another
At a speed of an inch or two a year,
Bracing ourselves for the next impact.

We’re getting used to it now.
We’ve done it enough times.

by Lucrezia Slinn

Thank you to all our writers.

Lots of Razz love. xxx.


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