Reclaim the Body

Razz members have been invited to take part in an amazing project by online feminist magazine, ‘The Belle Jar’. Razz appreciates all fellow publications that are trying to entertain, educate or make a difference and encourages all our members to be as open-minded. The Belle Jar encourages healthy debates on feminism and its use in the modern day, and provides an interesting look at one of the most written about and controversial subjects of the 21st Century.

This particular project is based on creative responses to the concept of ‘Reclaiming the Body’ after trauma or loss of identity. It could focus on the effects after an experience of sexual abuse but can also include any other sense of losing and rebuilding the body. According to the project’s co-ordinator, “the project is a response triggered by recent tragic events in India. It’s a way to begin 2013 with experimenting with a creative discourse of the experience of rebuilding after trauma and hopefully a positive and hopeful message.” There is the option to contribute artwork, visual art, poetry and anything else creative you can think of!  1BellJar

The link to their facebook page to find out some more information about what they do is here and you can check out their website here.

The magazine hopes to publish the content online in the last week of January, so submissions are from now until January 20th.

If you would like to contribute, or find out more about the project, please email Emi at . Also, if you would like your submission to be published anonymously, then simply specify that in your email.

As this project focuses on sensitive and possibly traumatic experiences, we would ask all our members to treat and respond to its message in a respectful way.

Razz love, Becky xxx


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