The Life and Love of Wild Moments

The Life and Love of Wild Moments is a book I wrote last year during the IB. It’s the second book I wrote out of three, and probably the one that came most naturally. I’m from Switzerland, went to an International School and came to England because I knew that if I wanted to study English and Creative Writing, it wasn’t going to happen unless I was in an English speaking country. I’m a first year now, and Exeter has definitely stimulated me to write more than ever; there’s so many opportunities to get work published in things like Razz my Berries and Exeposé and the course itself is incredibly challenging in the way it makes you think about writing and literature in an innovative and new way, I love it.

This book is about two best friends growing into each other very slowly but firmly. The essence of their two beings becomes inherent to each, and their every move becomes second nature to both. Sammy and Matteo are two teenagers who fall in love and are unfortunately forced with the harsh reality of having to part when Matteo leaves the country. The book explores their relationship in 28 specific different moments; relating the way by which we think back to life in instances, the way if you’re standing by a bus stop alone you’ll think about things in moments, not in one cohesive story script like line of thought. The protagonist of the book is also Sammy, a teenage girl in love stuck in an all too rational word, and thus inevitably the reader gets access into much philosophy about the blisses of love in contrast to the reality of life.

I have self-published the book on Amazon Kindle, and the link is below, if anyone is up for it, I hope you enjoy, and send me feedback whether good or bad!

Find it on amazon here.

wild moments


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