Serenity and Rush Photoshoot Sneak Preview…

It was a cold, cold November day when the Razz team, models and photographers set out for the Quay, our Serenity and Rush Photoshoot location. The shoot was a great success and a really fun day. Saying this our shoot had some high-risk factor, involving some near collisions with cars, freezing cold half naked models and dangerous stunts. We all survived, however, and warmed up in the pub afterwards!


Some of the gang (freezing their b******s off!)


Some serious gravity defying ballet…


…and not so serious waving to the lorry men!


Getting changed in front of cars…


That awkward feeling of sharing your photoshoot with the local tramp!


He’s not just the photographer (who said men can’t multi-task?!)


Setting up for Fran’s action shot


Our feathered friends and their, er, birdshit


The most risky shot of all: Jamie and Hiro working out the logistics for something pretty spectacular

Thanks to our stunning (and brave!) RAZZ models Georgina Campbell, Marina Hui, Francesca Clausen and Hiro Kawase. And to our brilliant RAZZ photographer and probably nicest boy in the world Jamie Ballantyne. And to the RAZZ team for their artistic direction and our make- up artist Anna Riddiford

 Razz love,

Kate x


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