Tips for a 2nd (chance) 1st

With deferred and referred exams rearing their ugly heads, some people are probably panic reading their notes whilst attempting to work out what that lecturer said way back in October, and trying to decipher their incomprehensible post-Arena handwriting.

Well if this sounds familiar, here are a few out-of-the-box suggestions which have helped me to get through exams and may help you to:

1. do a headstand before an exam.

I’m not saying get out of your seat in the Great Hall, but in your home just do a cheeky 10 second headstand. It gets the blood moving and calms you down. And if you fail, you’ll probably laugh and that will chill you out a bit if you’re feeling stressed.

We don’t suggest you try doing it like this, but it clearly helps with finding your inner peace

2. treat yourself with TV

I was lucky when I was revising as the Olympics were in full swing. I made myself revise really hard so that I could take certain events off as a break. I knew I couldn’t concentrate on my revision when Tom Daley was on my TV screen so I worked hard to free myself up to watch him and his incredible….talent.

Paralympics are coming up, use them!

3. use your friends

We all have friends on our courses, possibly with a better knowledge or clearer handwriting. Ask them to help you out, talk you through it. Trust me, asking for help ended with me being given a huge amount of my friends’ lecture notes which built into a substantial revision folder. University isn’t all about being independent – use those lovely people who you sit next to in lectures.

Happy revising and I hope we all get into the next year!

Written by Daryl Hurst for Razz.


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