Razz My Olympics

Razz takes a unique look at the London Olympics…

I hope all our members are enjoying the amazing sporting talent being displayed at the olympic games right now. I certainly am but I have also been struck by the way London itself has been presented. Take a minute to look over some of the less celebrated beauty of the Olympics found in the venues rather than the events.


I was blown away by the cross country course spanning Greenwich Park. As a royal borough, they were forbidden to dig or significantly alter the landscape but this did not show in the finished product.

The ‘Over the Moon’ jump that provides a fantastic view of the Isle of Dogs with Canary Wharf in the foreground.
The adorable ‘Chessboard’ jump made out of wicker.

I was also very impressed with the way Team GB looked during the eventing particularly noticeable in the dressage. Stella McCartney’s prowess immediately drew eyes to the team at the medal ceremony as they collected their silver.

They certainly receive a gold medal for class if not overall performance. 


Wimbledon is the most famous grass court tennis competition in the world and this year it’s being used to its full potential. 


The new roof on centre court cements the deal as we watch the best tennis players in the world battle it out for a medal in their country’s name.

It’s all in the detail


If you’re looking for a spectacular venue you can’t do better than staging Archery at Lord’s cricket ground in St. John’s Wood, the home of international cricket.

Though this picture doesn’t quite do it justice, it surely must be an amazing feeling to shoot across such a beautiful ground.
It must be an even more amazing feeling to hold one of those contraptions!

Beach Volleyball

Now I’m not sure many people have taken much notice of the beach volleyball surroundings when considering the slightly more revealing nature of the kits, but it has one of the most incredible backdrops of all the venues.

The Horseguard’s Parade provides an amazing view of Whitehall and the Cabinet offices with the London Eye in the distance. 
Just as incredible at night as visitors will be forced to take in Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament on their way into the arena.

And if those didn’t exemplify the real beauty of London’s skyline then surely this picture speaks for itself…


Lots of Razz love,




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