Footlights presents…

Fancy some relaxing evening entertainment to welcome in the summer? Razz suggests you catch Footlights’ next production at Reed Hall!

Footlights presents A Little Night Music

Footlights is Exeter University’s largest musical theatre society and has a reputation for producing shows to a very high standard. Their previous production, Thoroughly Modern Millie played to a packed Northcott Theatre and sent the audience ‘jazz-handing’ into the night. For their next venture, Footlights have chosen something completely different with Stephen Sondheim’s A Little Night Music. Unlike Thoroughly Modern Millie, A Little Night Music is not set in the roaring twenties but at the turn of the twentieth century, and instead of the Charleston, waltzing is given centre stage.

The story follows the vivacious actress Desiree who is looking for love after leaving her glamorous life to tour the country. With two married men at her heels and their suspicious wives in tow, relationships begin to unravel when all the characters are invited by her mother for a weekend in the country.

The musical takes its name from Mozart’s Eine kleine Nachtmusik and to complement Stephen Sondheim’s classically inspired score the production is taking place in Reed Hall, a former stately home on the Exeter campus. Full of sweeping staircases and chandeliers, the Downton Abbey style interiors will add extra drama to the performance. The costumes are also suitably period, the female cast wearing dresses that Lady Mary Crawley would be jealous of.

The work of Stephen Sondheim is notoriously complex, as cast member Rosie Archer points out, “Singing Sondheim has been wonderful, often the music is seriously challenging – dissonant chords and peculiar rhythms everywhere- but it really keeps you on your toes, so when you get it right, it’s a great feeling.”  This is Rosie’s first production with Footlights and we asked her about her experience with the society so far:

“Before rehearsals began, I was – and still am – very excited about being in Footlights. I’d seen their amazing production of Thoroughly Modern Millie at the Northcott, so I was quite nervous about helping keep standards up! Rehearsals have been just as exciting as I imagined. Whilst blocking through the show, I’ve met and got to know some truly wonderful people, so where Sondheim created a rather mish-mashed web of characters for ‘A Little Night Music’ – I like to think we all get on much better than that! I can’t wait until Show Week, when we’re finally performing the show but I shall be very sad to see the end of Footlights for this term as I’ve loved every second of it.”

If you would like to see one of Sondheim’s best loved musicals in the beautiful setting of Reed Hall the production runs from Monday 4th to Thursday 7th June at 7:30 pm. Tickets are £8 and can be reserved by emailing



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  1. Bonnie says:

    It’s going to be amazing!!

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