We LOVE: funny tumblrs

We’re almost half way through term (dear lord!) and with temperatures plummeting and workloads soaring we thought it was about time for some good old fashioned internet procrastination to keep you cosy indoors. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to pick out top 5 of the best hilarious/creative/crazy tumblr blogs that will have you clicking ‘older posts’ until your heart is content…

1. tumblr4men
Gender stereotyping aside this blog takes all the emotional self-indulgence, self-pity and artsy posing that can sometimes clog tumblr and gives it a big dose of funny/mean/cynical.

2. Kim Jong-Il Dropping the bass
Watch as the late North Korean leader lays down some heavy beats on the decks. Bizarre and wonderful.

3. Jesus being a jerk
In this tumblr world Jesus certainly isn’t a saviour, instead he is a pencil sketched annoyance mocking one and all.

4. Women laughing alone with salad
A charming collection of stock photos where women just love chuckling into their leafy greens. Pass us the chocolate.

5. Hungover owls
We’ve all seen the wasted owl flapping around arena on a thursday right? Well these guys look a state the morning after a few tequilas and vodka kicks. Enjoy many photos of their hungover states…


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