Razz Resolutions: the team reveal their 2012 ambitions

Happy New Year Everyone! We hope your Christmas breaks were merry/relaxing/productive/drunken (or perhaps all of the above). Term has kicked off and we know you’re probably knee deep in revision or an essay or perhaps epic amounts of procrastination right now, and…well, we share your pain, so, in some procrastination of our own, we thought we’d share with you our 2012 resolutions.


Cyan (features sub-ed) – To become more digitally capable! This might include learning new skills such as data journalism, photography and SEO…

Sophie (features sub-ed) – graduate! get at least two amazing work exp positions, be better at twitter, go on holiday somewhere hot!

Antonia (features ed) – to write more regularly! Also to stop looking up pictures of Rihanna, wishing I was a fit as she, and actually do something about it!


Rebecca (creative sub-ed) – be more adventurous, productive, creative and colourful!

Greg (creative ed) – go into gym/library overdrive, and buy some more gloves as the dog apprehended my old ones whilst at home (and decent gloves are notoriously hard to find…)


Kate – to go out more haha


Anna – drink more water, get work experience and to learn how to use indesign and phototshop!

Jess – go out more, stick to one hair colour (but not to one clothing colour), get (another, as yet undecided) piercing…oh  and should probably graduate/find a job/become a real contributing-to-society person as well!

Feel free to share your 2012 resolutions (the wackier the better), we’ll keep you updated on how ours progress…

lots of new year love

Jess & the rest of the razz team xx


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