An Interview With Doxa Clothing

Our publicist, Kate Hird, gets in touch with ethical clothing and uncovers for Razz readers a new company to take notice of…

What you wear can say a lot about your values as well as, your fashion sense. I spoke to 21-year-old Josh Stannard, director of clothing make Doxa, about creativity, ethnicity and the realities of setting up your own creative business.

So what is it you do, and how would you describe your business?

Doxa Clothing is an ethically sourced and environmentally friendly Christ-driven lifestyle/streetwear, brand/movement that has no set trend. Doxa sells tees, hoodies, sweaters and bags ranging from £15-£35.

How did you start out?

Well my business partner and I were in America, summer of 2008, and we felt the need for a cool and unique clothing brand that has a deep ethos. So when we got home we took a few savings out, purchased some printing equipment and started from there.

Do you think it is possible to be profitable and creative?

Yeah massively, creativity is seeing something that doesn’t exist. No one wants to wear something ‘samey’, ‘boring’ and mass produced. By offering unique designs, steeped in good ethics it really is something to ‘invest’ in and not just use. It is difficult, you still have to set a market and appeal to them. Sometimes you have to play it ‘safer’ than perhaps your mind and heart tells you, but that comes with time. When you are on a tight budget, you can’t be ‘too risky’. Not yet anyway.

What have you learned along the way and do you have any tips?

1 – It’s not easy.

2 – It takes a lot of time and patience.

3 – It’s all about networking and building up relationships with people.

4 – You need to let your personal creativity shine.

5- Know your market. Do little test runs, to see what people like and don’t like.

6- Be realistic about how much you can spend.

6 – If it is your passion – don’t give up!

How do you come up with ideas for designs?

I guess ultimately it comes through reading the Bible. There are some ABSOLUTELY CRACKING stories in there and some which people think “What!? That surely can’t be in the Bible”. I also spend a lot of time viewing blogs, watching my favorite brands do their stuff and just doodling with no pre-emoted ideas.

So as a Christian Streetwear brand, are you trying to give faith a trendier image?

Our faith is absolutely everything and Doxa is built upon it. From the meaning of the word Doxa (greek for glory or splendour) to the eco-friendly inks we use in the designs. In terms of what is stereotyped by the name ‘Christian Clothing’ then yes, we are hoping to give it a much trendier image, and to not become cheesy.

As followers of Christ we want to show our faith through how we act and what we produce. This means striving to change the face of the clothing industry in even the smallest ways. Everyone knows that there is a bad rep for child labour and working conditions, and we seek to source clothes of which we know the origin. When you purchase the Doxa bag, for example, some of the profit goes to Freeset, a charity working in Kolkata, India, which helps prostitutes in the red light district escape to a better life.

Like our magazine name, ‘Razz My Berries’, you also have an unusual slogan, what does “steadfast and dapper” mean?

Yeah so this was our first design and also the most popular to date. Basically it is throwing away the religious, stereotypical view of Church and Christians. Who says that to be a Christian you need be the Ned Flanders type of guy, or rocking socks and sandals? The youth of today are DOMINATED by fashion and who says you can’t be a ‘cool’ Christian? It is pretty much translated as “Faithful and Well Dressed/Stylish”.

What are your plans for the future?

We are revamping and expanding our website. We plan to do more and more in Africa to support the work we have already started there, and, hopefully become a known name around the place. So yeah, we will keep going, keep bringing out new stuff and hope that things grow as we grow!

Finally, if a stranger asked you to razz their berries, what would you say?

Don’t mind if I do.


To learn more about Doxa or to make some purchases, check out the link below!


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