#exeter advertising with razz

Are you an Exeter-based business, company or charity looking to advertise? Razz is Exeter university’s arts magazine, affiliated with the student Guild, but self-funded. As a publication, we have grown greatly in size this last year and are widely available to students both on and off campus. Each quarterly magazine is emailed to the entire school of humanities, published online and available for free download on our website, as well as sold in print in the university’s guild shop (located centrally on campus in devonshire house).

This summer issue will be published at the end of May, but will also be the issue widely distributed at freshers’ week next academic year. Advertising space is very reasonably priced, with the opportunity for us to write your advert into a promotional article. Please email razzmag@gmail.com for a price enquiry.

Whilst any business looking to publicise themselves to a student market would benefit from advertising with razz, those specialising in theatre, fashion, photography, writing, printing and arts and crafts will benefit most from our readership.

We hope you will consider advertising with us,

All the best,

Emma and Ellie

Editors 2010/11

Razz is a non-proft publication, and all funds raised from advertising are put towards the printing of the magazine.


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