summer issue: illustration feature

With summer issue submissions well underway, here’s another chance to get printed in Razz!

Anyone can be involved in our next double-spread feature and we want as many people to submit as possible. We want to hear about your different home towns, and what you remember most about nineties youth culture. All you have to do is send us the following details: Name, age, home town + county. Sum up your home town in one short sentence. Then open up a paint document (image-attributes- 200×200) and draw for us, using the black pencil only, your favourite thing from the nineties. Don’t worry about the quality of the drawing, Arts-co Rosie will be turning these into a lovely illustration. 

And here’s one I made earlier. If your paint skills are about level with

mine , name the file as the object you have drawn (just in case we can’t tell!).

All entries to before 6th May

We look forward to your submissions,

Emma and Ellie

Editors 2010-11


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