top five creative cures for revision, dissertation and essay fatigue. [WARNING: may cause procrastination]

 The sun is shining, surely this means BBQs and copious amount of Pimms? Sadly not! I remain indoors, glued to a textbook or laptop like some sort of studying gremlin with an allergy to Vitamin D.

But as fulfilling and enjoyable searching through the entirety of JSTOR is, we all need a break now and then. So here are my top 5 creative finds at the moment to help with revision, dissertation and essay fatigue:

 1. Threadless

Threadless are an American clothing company who showcase graphic designs by individual designers. They then ask users to vote on which designs should be printed onto t-shirts, dresses and various other bits and pieces. This site is much like an art gallery but instead of the art just hanging on the wall you can take it down and wear it! So far I’ve only been a window-shopper but if you feel a post-exam/deadline reward is needed Threadless do ship to the UK or if you’re feeling inspired you can submit your own design!

2. Piccsy and Weheartit

Both of these sites collect a large pool of images submitted by a wide range of people. Take a dip into these pools and you’ll find all sorts of amazing illustration and photography that’s perfect to use as a springboard for inspiration or for amassing a personal collection of ‘cool pictures’. A warning though – trawling through them is highly addictive.

 3. Zefrank’s Scribbler

‘Ze Frank’ is a bit of an odd gent – he seems to be a comedian/web designer/public speaker/general internet phenomenon that the US love. His various online adventures began with a birthday invitation that went viral and have developed to many tv shows and short films all on his blog. Exploring his strange world will definitely clock you in some serious hours of procrastination but if you’re looking for something less heavy I suggest having a look at his ‘scribbler’. Using this you can create your own works of art simply using a single line drawn with your mouse and some handy technology – I’ll leave you to see for yourself!

 4. One sentence

Stories told in a single sentence covering all sorts of topics – sometimes funny, frequently sad, but always something to think about.

(See what I did there? Only one sentence!)

5. Lookslikegooddesign

Started by 25 yr old Jonas Kamber this site showcases some of the best new graphic design, art, photography and architecture. With a new post every day it’s a great and reliable way to keep up with the design world and find inspiration if you’re a budding creative.

 Hope these five have helped ease some of the boredom of whichever academic burden you bear, and if not… maybe it’s time for a Pimms or two!

 Lots of love


(Next year’s Co-Editor)


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