need some inspiration?

Just incase you’re not satisfied by time away from the library (you are the lucky ones – Emma and I are STILL stuck within its orange clad walls) and the glorious April sunshine, here is a quick arty update courtesy of the

If you need some art in your life, take a look at next week’s art shows.

Missing your seminar reading packs? The Guardian’s top 10 books lists are full of literary inspiration:

Revision/ what feels like hundreds-of-hours-stuck-inside-whilst-it’s-sunny-outdoors slowly driving you insane? Edward Docx’s top 10 deranged characters are sure to make you feel a little less crazy.

Driven mad by the thought of another three weeks stuck at home with your irritating siblings? Work your way through Cathy Cassidy’s top 10 sister stories.

Maybe living at home is getting a bit boring?  Fancy a bit of drama? Lyn Gardner picks out the best of Britain’s theatre over the Easter period.

Or you could get scribbling/snapping for the summer issue of Razz. The theme is ‘Culture and Creation’ and we are looking for articles, creative writing, illustration, artwork, and photography. Email your submissions to from now until the 6th of May!

Keep creative!

Ellie xx

Razz Editor 2010/11


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