thinking outside of exeter

As we come to the end of possibly the most depressing month of the year and prepare ourselves for another February full of sickly sweet valentines and a bizarre amount of birthdays, it is important that we do not despair. We students here at Exeter University are lucky enough to be gifted with a beautiful city; bursting with the arts, teeming with inspiration and only minutes away from some incredible places. We are all aware of Boston Tea Party, Exeter Cathedral, Princesshay, The Real McCoy’s, Exeter Phoenix and the rest of Exeter’s collection of places to see before your time is up here, but what we don’t get out and see enough are the sights outside the city.

Topsham is barely a ten minute train journey away from Exeter and is home to various pubs, gift shops and a beautiful quay. You may have heard of the Topsham 10 – a string of pubs that make for a fantastic day out. This is such a famous idea, there is even a downloadable pdf file for tourists to take with them in order to make the most of their stay in this beautiful little town. You can take a look at it here. With this gorgeous place so close to Exeter, it would be a shame to miss out Topsham when writing your list of things to do before you graduate.

Dawlish is another location a short train journey away from our city, stretching out over the coastline to its smaller cousin, Dawlish Warren. Although the latter only provides an arcade, pub, golf course and small fairground by its beach, I would advise you to alight here. Once you have finished gambling your pennies and spending your winnings on vast amounts of candy floss, you then have the opportunity for the coastal walk to the real Dawlish. It can take as little or as much time as you like, strolling either across the sand or up on the raised footpath, to reach your destination. Here you will find a selection of tea rooms to rest your feet and enjoy a Devon cream tea before wandering down the river, past the black swans and curious looking birds, and back to the beach. Walking down the small stone pier, gazing out at the horizon with nothing but sea in front of you… if that doesn’t inspire you, nothing will.

I could continue to give you a list of inspiring places to visit, but that would spoil the surprises. So take all those glum feelings, put them under your bed, jump on the next train out of Exeter and enjoy the fresh air and stunning sights that await you.

And don’t forget your sketchbooks/cameras.

Rosie x

Razz Arts Co-Ordinator


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