buttons and beads

So it’s the last week of term, and we all should have been home two weeks ago. Many of you will be finishing lectures and sessions early this week and dashing off home to the perks of central heating and cupboards full of good food. But before you jump on the earliest train, why not complete your Christmas shopping by taking a trip down Fore Street to Bunyip Beads and Buttons, next to The Real McCoys.

This small shop stocks what can only be thousands of beads, buttons and jewellery making equipment. For the beginners there are step-by-step kits to help you create glamorous necklaces and bracelets, and for the more advanced or up-for-a-challenge folks there is a massive collection of colours, materials and sizes to choose from. You can create anything from a beautiful brooch to a necklace with your name on it. Or, perhaps, the name of your best friend who you’ve forgotten to find a gift for in your mad rush to get home before the snow settles upon England and causes everything to come to a stop.

The shop offers jewellery making workshops, and even a jewellery mending service for those of us who are prone to broken bracelets, and they can even teach you how to mend it yourself.  There are many pearls and diamonds in jewellery heaven crying down to you to fix their successors with the knowledge that Bunyip Beads and Buttons will pass on to you. Now you can laugh at the countless moments in which you’ve lost your favourite necklace to the perils of a snapped piece of wire.

If you’ve already gone home, why not take a look at the Bunyip Beads and Buttons website here.

Rosie x

Razz Arts Co-ordinator


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