in the days of the comet

I read about the current tour of British Art Show (number seven) in this month’s Aesthetica magazine, and thought it might interest some of you!

Recognised as the most influential exhibition of contemporary British art, the British Art Show has taken place every five years since 1979 and is currently starting its run in Nottingham (New Art Exchange, Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery and Nottingham Contemporary) before moving onto London, Glasgow and Plymouth over the next year.

Here’s an extract from the website detailing the exhibition:

Through paintings, sculpture, installations, video, film, performance, and all points in between, British Art Show 7 explores the ways in which contemporary British art conjures histories – distant or near, longingly imagined or all too real – to illuminate our present moment. As its subtitle In the Days of the Comet suggests, this exhibition takes as its motif the idea of the comet as a harbinger of change, a measure of time and a marker of historical recurrence. Besides reflecting these and other cosmological concepts, the works propose alternative ways of thinking about the ‘here and now’.

Many of the 39 artists and artists’ groups included in British Art Show 7 have made works especially for the exhibition. Nottingham sees a number of premieres, including Charles Avery’s life-sized intertwined lovers encased in glass, Spartacus Chetwynd’s pop-up folding-house, Varda Caivano’s suite of paintings investigating the possibilities of abstraction, as well as major new works by Karla Black, Matthew Darbyshire, Nathaniel Mellors and Christian Marclay.

We will have to wait until late next year before the show reaches the South West, but if you can get to Nottingham, or even London early next year, Razz would love a review!

For more information about upcoming events, visit the website at


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