stumble upon something new

The internet is bursting with so much information that it makes my head ache every time I want to search for something interesting. There are hundreds of thousands of hidden web pages that contain a wealth of art, music, photography, illustrations, you name it. But you could spend the rest of your life searching through pages and pages, clicking on millions of links, and never find them.

The prospect of these unique, beautiful gems of websites being lost in the World Wide Web forever was a distressing one. Until I found, a website created specifically to generate a random web page for you, tailored by your own interests. You simply click the ‘Stumble’ button after signing up and ticking your boxes and a brand new, never seen before page pops up for you. If you particularly like it, you can save it as a favourite and it will be recommended to other like-minded ‘Stumblers’. Occasionally the odd rubbish page will appear, and you can dismiss it with a click, but the website itself is a fast and easy way to discover those nooks and crannies of the internet that you would otherwise spend hours, even days searching for.

The only downside now is, you will spend hours, even days stumbling upon your favourite things. I challenge you not to find a new interest on this website.

Have fun stumbling,

Rosie x
razz art coordinator

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