bad weather, bored couples, and mushy peas…


For me, Martin Parr captures all that is great about the British. His photographs are bold and unashamedly honest; a far cry from the edited and posed photos that grace most glossy magazines (and let’s face it, most of our Facebook pages). His pictures are a believable and comical view of Britain as it really is. We can see ourselves in his work; we were the children with ice-cream all over our faces, we are the ravenous beach goers fighting over the tomato ketchup…and we’ve all been the bored and awkward couple.

Parr’s work is a refreshing take on what it is to be British – wobbly bits and all. He treasures the mundane and the ordinary; capturing our eccentricities with an affectionate touch.

This is no perfect postcard. This is the cricket tea, the WI, and the British summer at its most honest. And somehow, in spite of his sometimes gross and garish portraits, Parr’s colour saturated, paint-box pictures still make me feel oddly patriotic.

Let’s don our baggy swimming costumes, tie handkerchiefs on our sunburnt heads, and go and shiver on the beach…

Razz Editor and Society President

To see more of Martin Parr’s work, visit his website

[all images copyright to Martin Parr]


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