sign-up to Razz?

Welcome to Razz My Berries, The University of Exeter’s ONLY arts magazine!
We are here to help you get published! By joining Razz My Berries you have the opportunity for your articles, artwork, photography and creative writing to be printed in our termly magazine.  We need the help of our new members to make Razz bigger and better this academic year!

Razz My Berries can be a stepping stone into journalism or the creative arts, a place to express yourself or to simply make new friends. Whether you’re interested in modelling, photography and fashion, or trying your hand at writing articles and fiction, Razz caters to all things creative!
Don’t forget to find us at the squash to sign up. We will be holding our first meeting for new members shortly after in the Junior Common Room, next to the Long Lounge in Devonshire House (Date TBA). Come along to meet the new team and discuss ideas. We have a theme for our winter issue but we need your artistic input, so please come along and get involved!

We look forward to seeing you at the freshers’ squash!

Emma & Ellie


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