Think twice before kidding yourself

November. In the wake of unrelenting torrential downpour, unreasonable stacks of reading, an insufficient student loan, seemingly unresolvable housing disputes, ominous deadlines and a touch of self-diagnosed seasonal affective disorder, we succumb to a plethora of temptations in attempt to console our winter blues.

Where to eat for Christmas

So it is time once again to start debating the age-old question with your house mates/course mates/ family… where to for the annual Christmas meal? Luckily, Exeter has options a plenty, ranging from… Continue reading

Interview: Author Darren Shan

The well-known Irish author, Darren Shan, was in Exeter to promote the latest installment to his thriller series for teenagers, Zom-B.

Review: Taylor Swift’s 1989

On track to break sales records the country songstress Taylor Swift is pretty much taking the world by storm.

Making a Statement: Scarves, Bow Ties and Necklaces

I’m going to level with you – I’ve never been very good at accessorising. I’m just more interested in swatches than watches. That was until I discovered how much fun statement neck-pieces are.… Continue reading

Book Review: Minotaur by Benjamin Tammuz

Whilst in Rome I stumbled onto a very special looking bookshop – Liberia Minimum Fax on Via Della Lungaretta for those interested – that had me lamenting my lack of Italian. A small… Continue reading

Think twice before checking your phone

A succinct read summing up our day & social media. Emma tells us why we should think twice about our actions.