Christmas Meal Options

So it is time once again to start debating the age-old question with your house mates/course mates/ family… where to for the annual Christmas meal? Luckily, Exeter has options a plenty, ranging from… Continue reading

Interview: Author Darren Shan

The well-known Irish author, Darren Shan, was in Exeter to promote the latest installment to his thriller series for teenagers, Zom-B.

Review: Taylor Swift’s 1989

On track to break sales records the country songstress Taylor Swift is pretty much taking the world by storm.

Making a Statement: Scarves, Bow Ties and Necklaces

I’m going to level with you – I’ve never been very good at accessorising. I’m just more interested in swatches than watches. That was until I discovered how much fun statement neck-pieces are.… Continue reading

Book Review: Minotaur by Benjamin Tammuz

Whilst in Rome I stumbled onto a very special looking bookshop – Liberia Minimum Fax on Via Della Lungaretta for those interested – that had me lamenting my lack of Italian. A small… Continue reading

Think twice before checking your phone

A succinct read summing up our day & social media. Emma tells us why we should think twice about our actions.

Review: The BIG Food Show

As a self-professed foodie, you can imagine my utter joy when the fabulous Razz team offered up press passes to The BIG Food Show last weekend. The first of its kind to come… Continue reading