Rebirth and Renewal Photo shoot: Behind the Scenes

For the print magazine photo shoot we decided on the theme of Vintage Renewal, as the idea of second-hand, upcycled clothing fitted perfectly with the overall Rebirth and Renewal concept of the magazine.… Continue reading

In Print: Rebirth & Renewal

Our winter issue Rebirth & Renewal is now out & on sale at the Guild Shop (next to the RAM)! For your dose of colour injected into an increasingly dreary winter, grab one… Continue reading

Review: Cafe Culture Poetry Night

Cafe Espresso is a charming little coffee shop right next to Timepiece, so if nothing else, my visit to the Cafe Culture poetry event was worthwhile just for discovering the venue. I’d been… Continue reading

Review: The Imitation Game

Photo credit: Optimum Screenings Based on a true story, the Imitation Game follows a group of men and one woman (played by Keira Knightley) who set out to crack the German coded messages… Continue reading

Christmas closet: Onesies & Sequins

And so it begins. The best month of the year. Hectic hot chocolates and OTT wrapping paper. A rush of overflowing shopping centres and ice rinks. December creates a collage of knitted jumpers,… Continue reading

Think twice before kidding yourself

November. In the wake of unrelenting torrential downpour, unreasonable stacks of reading, an insufficient student loan, seemingly unresolvable housing disputes, ominous deadlines and a touch of self-diagnosed seasonal affective disorder, we succumb to a plethora of temptations in attempt to console our winter blues.

Where to eat for Christmas

So it is time once again to start debating the age-old question with your house mates/course mates/ family… where to for the annual Christmas meal? Luckily, Exeter has options a plenty, ranging from… Continue reading

Interview: Author Darren Shan

The well-known Irish author, Darren Shan, was in Exeter to promote the latest installment to his thriller series for teenagers, Zom-B.