Flash Fashion: Halloween

All Hallows Eve is upon us and I know, I know, you’ve left your costume ridiculously last minute again. You sort of lost motivation when the Enchanted Forest event was cancelled and now… Continue reading

Salted Caramel Pumpkin Seeds and Triple Chocolate Halloween Apples

Photo credit: Flickr Now, Halloween is just a couple of days away… achingly close to an eve of jack-o-lantern carving, toffee apple bobbing and one of the most inventive fancy dress occasions of… Continue reading

Review: Poetry Slam

Photo credits: Exeter Phoenix Sitting on red cushion chairs inside the BikeShed theatre, I looked down on the stage: yellow lights on the poet’s faces, as we waited – unexpectedly nervous – for… Continue reading

Styling Sense: Coats

Who else thought that moving to Exeter would feel like being on a constant holiday? I thought I’d be having regular BBQs on the beach and I’d never be without a 99 in… Continue reading

Review: 24 Hour Plays

Theatre with Teeth once again presented a fortunate audience with an unusual selection of sketches and scenes, as the much-anticipated 24 Hour Plays returned to the stage.

Interview: Samantha Baines in Blueprint

Samantha Baines, a drama alumni of the University, is currently appearing at the Bike Shed theatre in the new play Blueprint as part of the Write by Numbers residency. I took the opportunity to interview her on 17th October while she was in Exeter.

Poetry: Intoxication

Nothing is as it seems when you’ve been drinking.

Review: Exeter Comedy Club Night

Photo credit: southwest shows As one of the UK’s longest running comedy nights, a Friday evening with the Exeter Comedy Club sounded wonderful, especially as it was held in the Corn Exchange. I… Continue reading

Think twice before replying

It’s week three. You’re tired. I get it. Nothing has gone inherently wrong, but then again, nothing extraordinary, nothing remarkable, nothing categorically ‘lucky’ has happened to you – so what’s there to rave… Continue reading